Outside Operations:

Operator: Regis Gauthier

Operator: Ralph Gardipy

GOperator: Todd Sinclair

PCO/Weed Inspector: Marcel Baynton

For custom work, please call the office with your request at 467-2011.

Landfill -See Calendar on Home Page

Household and yard waste - no charge.

Non-household and construction/demolition waste - minimum fee:

Load size Rates
1/2 ton $5.00
1 ton $10.00
2 Ton $30.00
2 ton and over $40.00
Tandem truck & trailer: $50.00
Appliances: $10.00
Appliances containing Freon: $45.00
Tires: passenger: $5.00
Tires: Agricultural, over 20": $10.00
Tires: Off road: $35.00


All loads must be sorted, covered and secured.

Use of the landfill outside of regular hours requires that arrangements be made at the Town Office (467-2277).

An additional disposal fee of $25.00 is charged at this time.


As of April 1, 2015, the MacDowall Landfill will no longer accept payment at the time of drop off. You will be asked for your name and address, and the office will mail you an invoice.

Rules and Regulations For the Landfill at MacDowall


Grain Bag and Twine Collection Sites:

Prince Albert- 306-960-5299

Saskatoon- 306-933-2343


















A Close up of the Ferry Road in the first stages of slump-it has gotten much worse since

Ferry Road


Grid Road south off Highway 312

South Road Flood

Culvert Washout near Wingard Ferry road



Washout near Wingard Ferry Road