Outside Operations:

Operator: Regis Gauthier

Operator: Ralph Gardipy

Operator: Todd Sinclair

PCO/Weed Inspector: Marcel Baynton

For custom work, please call the office with your request at 467-2011.

MacDowall Transfer Station

Household waste only.  $2.00 per bag



Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4;00 p.m..

No Construction Waste.



All loads must be sorted, covered and secured.



Grain Bag and Twine Collection Sites:

Prince Albert- 306-960-5299

Saskatoon- 306-933-2343


















A Close up of the Ferry Road in the first stages of slump-it has gotten much worse since

Ferry Road


Grid Road south off Highway 312

South Road Flood

Culvert Washout near Wingard Ferry road



Washout near Wingard Ferry Road