We welcome development in the RM of Duck Lake. There are a few regulations which must be followed in order for building and development to proceed. Please contact the office for more information.

All new developments and residential building MUST be approved by the Council of the RM of Duck Lake. Failure to obtain permission and permits may be result in fines levied.




Planning & Development:



Obtain Development Permit

       Development Permits must be purchased before any development begins in the RM of Duck Lake. These permits are available at the office for a fee of $50 to $1500, depending on complexity of development.

In addition to the forms that are required, it is important to note the following:

Cash in lieu is required for each parcel subdivided. This amount is a minimum of $1,500, or 10% of the property value (unserviced) whichever is higher, per parcel. This amount must be paid for Community Planning to give permission to proceed.

Road development is the responsibility of the developer. All parcels MUST have access. If a road is built on RM road allowance, it must be up to the standards required by the foreman and Council. Once the road is constructed and the  subdivision is occupied, the RM will maintain the road allowance as usual. Maintenance of driveways or lanes is the responsibility of the owner of the parcel. Custom work can be contracted with the RM (for a fee) to clear lanes and driveways if required.

A Building Permit is required for any non-agricultural contruction. Please call the office for more details. The Meridan Request For Services must be filled out and returned to the RM office before the building inspector will review your application.

NEW: Multi-parcel subdivisions will be dealt with annually at the regular Council Meeting in March. Single subdivision applications will be dealt with at the monthly meetings.


These  forms can be downloaded for subdivision information and applications.

Click Here for Subdivision Information

The R.M. now employs Meridan Inspections Ltd. for the area's building inspector. The  documentation is available in the office for pick-up.

 NEW: Building Permits, once approved, must be paid for and picked up in person. Please allow 10 days for building permit approval by the development officer.

The Administrator has been appointed as the development officer, and can process most building permits without presentation at a regular meeting.